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Ruth Calixta, singer from Spain (Mallorca).
Versatile and Bilingual singer
Influenced by artists such as Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, The Coors, Monica Naranjo, Madonna among others. Posing as these artists from a young age.
She has ability to display a wide variety of styles and influences, adapting to many different musical genres and a voice with many nuances.
The main characteristic of her voice is that she is able to record extensive variations. Transmitting at high power records while softness in the most sensitive records.
In 2004 she was 16 years old when she was selected as a contestant on "Camí de L'èxit " in Mallorca. She was the only contestant selected with just one casting. Since then she began to enter into the music business.
In 2005 she started to work in hotels and private parties in Mallorca.
In 2006 she joined to the label "Team 33 Music". Her first project with them was "Bahia Kings". With this band she made the Club song for RUF jugendreisen called "Rising Sun" and toured Girona and Germany.
In 2007 she collaborated with David Tavare with his hit "Hot Summer Night OH LA LA LA" 
In 2008 she repeated with David Tavare with the hit "Call me Baby" 
In 2009 she was selected  as a lead singer of  the show " Las Vegas Live Music Show" Es Fogueró (Mallorca ) and as a backup singer of  Shawn Klush, winner of  the tv show "World's Greatest Elvis" in the USA.
In the same year she joined to the music producer Daniel Ambrojo to create the dance project called ETHERNITY
In 2011 with her single "Desires" was known throughout Europe
In 2012 she had the pleasure to share the same stage with the famous raper "PITBULL" in his tour in Spain, in Madrid and Barcelona with more than 15000 people from audience 
In 2013 she released "Can't stop loving you" licensed by "Zooland Records" with Spanish label record "Blanco y negro" in Spain and included on the most influential collections of Spain and Germany with Kontor Records 
With her single "Dont Stop" feat Miguel Angel Roca she got into the most important radio station chart of Spain "Maxima FM" 
In 2014 "Sax On the Beach" with Dj Valdi was number 1 in Spain.
In 2010/2011/2012 she was the lead singer of the band "The Vission" making rock and pop versions and touring all around Spain.
In 2013 she worked in the show of Son Amar.  One of the best  theater dinner show of Europe.
2014 was a year with many jobs, she started working with "Stars On Tour" making a tribute to "Christina aguilera"
In the summer she was touring Mallorca with her show Top Divas, a tribute to the best Divas ever in the history.
In November 2014 she travels to China to work in The Venetian on " Las Vegas of Asia" with Phunk Shui Band in Bellini Lounge.
In 2015 she decided to start a new project as "Ruth Calixta". 
She flied to Valencia to get into the studio (Magno Productions) to record two singles with two different Dj producers.
With one of that singles is the first time in her career where she is involved as a composer. She wrote the song "Phoenix", a song produced by Roberto Sansixto. Phoenix is based on a personal experience that she had.
In 2015 after her tour in Mallorca with the show Top Divas she went back to China to work in Las Vegas from Asia again with Phunk Shui in The Venetian.
In 2016 she is reaping what she sowed during 2015. She releases four songs with the music label Blanco & Negro. First was "Phoenix", her first song has a composer featuring the Dj and producer Roberto Sansixto and was released on January 22nd. Dj Valdi created one of the remixes with a positive impact on the radio, charts  and TV. Another song she released was "I just wanna HE- MAN" a featuring with the djs and producers The Moonsters and the rapper Gemeni.  "Shinning Star" the official anthem of the Medusa Sunbeach Festival a featuring with Eric Vesper & Roberto Sansixto. And "Dirty Game" another song as a composer featuring the producers "Karibu".

In the summer 2016 she goes on touring with the show "Top Divas" and also  back in the  Son Amar  show - Mallorca ( Spain) as a principal in the new erotic show the theather offers called "Vampirika" and in FUSION the original show of Son Amar.

In 2017 she is one of the new singers of the new show in Son Amar, "Fusion Encore" and continues with "Vampirika". 

A very important moment in her career was in January 2017 when she was selected as a contestant of the spanish prime time tv show "Tu cara no me suena todavia" imitating  Christina Aguilera.

In the summer of 2017 she releases "Paradise", her first song as a solo artist with her name Ruth Calixta. Composed by her, produced by Daniel Ambrojo and licensed in Spain by the music label "Blanco & Negro".

In the season of 2018 she stays in the Son Amar theater with the new show "Hot Nights Cool Moves" and "Vampirika". On December 16th of this year she flies to Germany for being part of the cast of "Weihnachtscircus Aachen" as the lead singer. The first time for her in the circus.

In 2019 she is the lead singer in the new show "MerQury Rising" and  "Vampirika" again in the theather of Son Amar. The same year she repeats in "Weihnachtscircus Aachen"  the Christmas Circus in Germany as a lead singer.